HSD Diaster

In the third period I was doing band. It was a normal school day. Until the band hall phone started ringing. My band teacher answered the phone and I saw his jolly smile turn into a frightened look. He slowly put the phone down andĀ  went to lock the door. Then he told all children to go underneath the tables against the wall and stayĀ silent. We had absolutely no idea what was happening.

10 minutes later we heardĀ  distant gun shots outside of the school and shouting. I couldn’t hear what they were shouting. 5 minutes after that Ā they were in the building and we could hear them up the stairs and we were the only room at the top of the stairs. My teacher made sure everyone was under a table. The guyĀ kicked the door downĀ and my teacher was in the open. He asked him where we were. All of our musical instruments were still lying on the floor. He told him that we had gone to another classroom for band but he knew he was lying. He shot him in the torso 2 times. I started crying in fear but Rebecca my best friend was behind me and covered my mouth. He left he room and minutes later he was captured by the police.Ā  I knew nothing more but for sure I was scared for life.

Story prompt.

The foggy, abandoned town of Abernyte holds a secret.

Lucy Parker has the picture-perfect life working as a detective in the city and working with her perfect boyfriend, Payton Shaw.

However, when she finds a mysterious newspaper in her cellar from 1867, she begins to realise that things are not quite as they seem in the Parker family.

A funeral leaves Lucy with some startling questions about her past, and she sets off to mysterious Abernyte to find some answers.

At first the people of Abernyte are kind and intresting. She is intrigued by the curiously admirable police officer, Christian Viner. However, after he introduces her to hard drugs, Lucy slowly finds herself drawn into a web of murder, robbery and perhaps, even drugs.

Can Lucy resist the charms of Christian Viner and uncover the secret of the weathered newspaper before it’s too late, or will her demise become yet another Abernyte legend?

I got this story prompt fromĀ Story prompt generator. I will be writing a story on it later.

Hair Malfunction-100WC

I was excited to see Stacy. Last week she told she was going to get her hair dyed blonde and i was oozing with anticipation. She was at the back of the oval. I ran over. As soon as she saw me she gave me a wide berth. I finally managed to get her to talk to me. She was crying not crocodile tears the real thingĀ and told me everything. Instead getting her hair blonde it was orange. I collapsed in laughter but I felt sorry for her so within the week I got my hair dyed orange too.

Fashion Waste- BTN

In the old days when clothes fell apart they would just sew them back up again without throwing them out.

Australia is the 2nd biggest consumer of fabric per person.

Every Australian buys as much as 27kg of clothes a year.


Is there a law about throwing to much clothes away?

Is there a place were some not so damaged clothing is made into something else?


Not every Australian could afford 27kg of clothes a year like, homeless people

Taco Bell-100WC

I was fat and bored of the same food. Pizza, Ā oily french fries and hamburgers. I wanted to explore the food world and luckily a few blocks down there was a Taco Bell restaurant. Not exactly the best quality but a different type of fatty food. I tried jogging down the street for exercise but five paces forward I thought I was going to have a heart attack. I asked them for their best quality food. It was 2 minutes after they served me but i just couldn’t eat anything so disgusting and salty. I ll try to eat healthy tomorrow.

Kids Wellbeing-BTN

Perfesionals survied over 5,000 students.

1 in 6 is bullied at schools.

80% of children feel postive about their future


Wouldn’t people who are bullied at school would want to stay home?

Would the 80%change if it was secondary school?

Does the count for the the whole of Aussie or just a specific state.

The Attic-100WC

My daughter was reading, my other younger daughter was colouring in and my wife was cooking when I heard a strange sound from the attic. It was a squelching noise. A sound, which makes the back of your hair stand up. Controlling my goosebumps I grabbed my headlight and headed towards the ladder to the attic. Once I opened the hatch I could smell a waft of stinky cheese and rotten eggs with sweaty feet mixed together. It was disgusting. I climbed a few stairs when something dripped on my head. I looked up, slime was dripping through the roof.

Pluto a Planet again?- BTN

Pluto was a planet then was renamed as a dwarf planet.

A group of scientists are planning to call Pluto a planet again.

Pluto is smaller than our moon.

Why should 119 other dwarf planets and moons have to be renamed too?

If Luna ( our moon) is a moon the why change it?

What would be the effects of making Pluto and 119 other dwarf planets and moons planets.

In need of water- 100WC

Antony was a brave warrior. With a hart of a lion and a body of an ant. One day there was an incident with the worker ants. They managed to loose control of the water. In deserts like this it was deadly. Warriors were sent out to find water. Antony volunteered. He was ready for any challenge. As he marched along side 2 other ants in the heat they started to get weary. The 2 other ants died. Antony found water but he already knew he was going to die. So as he touched the water he passed away confidently.

Romans in the wall-100WC

It all started in a shallow sea millions of years ago. Enormous heat and pressure turned loose mud into solid grey rock. Forces of nature revealed me in a Northumbria hillside. Then 2000 years ago the Romans chiselled me out. I was placed on a cart and transported to a stone mason’s hut. The stone mason carved me into a representation of the ghosts of Roman soldiers. My sight was a warning for all the pits (Scots) to keep away. Placed in the centre of Hadrian’s wall there I stood showing a message to all who daredĀ  to enter England.