Narrative Writing- Teddy in Distress

The sun glistened like thousands of glass shards scattered in the sky as Anna was thinking what to do for her 5th birthday. She wanted to take her colour pastille, bubble-gum scented teddy, Bon Bon, to the botanical gardens to see the poppies with her Dad.


They grabbed the bikes, with Bon Bon in the front basket and swiftly headed off. As the warm, humid, rushing breeze swept through Anna’s hair she could hear the ear-splitting traffic ahead. There was a sharp corner in front of her. It was like the corner in the park that Anna practiced on. No problem for her. She went for the breaks .Eek .She couldn’t stop!


Flying off her bike onto the road grazing her left knee and her rough palms she sharply looked around for cars. There were no cars in sight so Anna scrambled back onto the curb with her scratched and battered bike forgetting about her teddy.


Horror hung on her Dad’s face. He took the bike and pointed at the Bon Bon which was face first on the other side of the road. Anna marched onto the road to receive her scuffed up teddy. Then sprinting back to the pavement to her dad.


Tears spilling down her cheeks Anna looked at her palms to see her grazes. Then she thought, “Maybe I should walk next time, but that was the most exhilarating birthday ever. I didn’t need to have a birthday anyway.”







2 thoughts on “Narrative Writing- Teddy in Distress

  1. Hey Anna,
    That was really good. You described vividly what was happening.
    I felt like I was watching a movie or maybe a stop-motion. I really hope you do more narratives!
    Keep writing awesome pieces…


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