SRC Speech

Hello,  my name is Anna. I am a final year student at Moonee Ponds Primary School. I have been here for almost a year. And through my experiences in different schools I have picked up some ideas on the way. I am taking this opportunity to tell you some the ideas. Or is that cheating?

The thing  I like here are the friendly people, the learning atmosphere, the playground [ because in Scotland we had to have recess and lunch on stairs and concrete] and the independence and initiative that we are taught here. This is a very free-flowing school as in ,calling the teachers by their first name, having a flexible timetable and when you think everything is out of order it is all going to plan.

This next paragraph is about what the school should try/improve on.

We should try to organize more charity events including back sales, raffles plays and talent shows.

As well as having a enterprise team that comes up with new small business ideas.

In addition to that a nativity every Christmas.

We should also try to arrange after school sport clubs.

It has been a pleasure sharing my ideas. Thank you for reading/listening.

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