My Dolly -100WC

My dolly is the most beautiful dolly ever. Her name is Jenny. Jenny is made of hard plastic but that doesn’t mean she has a hard heart. Jenny is a sweet dolly. Last month she donated 100 dollars to the Anna foundation, gave her hazelnut brown dog a groom and helped her sister, Penny, in dollography. I am worried I will lose Jenny.  We have been all around the world together. Last year we travelled to Japan. Me and Jenny ate sushi on the bullet train .We have lots of pictures on my very own camera together. I love my Dolly.

2 thoughts on “My Dolly -100WC

  1. Hi Anna,
    nice job on your 100 WC. I liked your ideas for this. You put lots of different things in. Maybe next time, think about trying to make your 100 WC really sound like it could be in a story. You don’t have to do this, because not everyone is great at that stuff, but I think you could do some cool things!

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