In need of water- 100WC

Antony was a brave warrior. With a hart of a lion and a body of an ant. One day there was an incident with the worker ants. They managed to loose control of the water. In deserts like this it was deadly. Warriors were sent out to find water. Antony volunteered. He was ready for any challenge. As he marched along side 2 other ants in the heat they started to get weary. The 2 other ants died. Antony found water but he already knew he was going to die. So as he touched the water he passed away confidently.

2 thoughts on “In need of water- 100WC

  1. Dear Anna
    your 100 word challenge was really interesting. i like how you said that he had the heart of a lion but the body of an ant. it gave us an idea of what the ants personality was . just next time do a spell check before you post it. i also think that the end was really rushed but that is what happens when you have a great idea but only 100 words.
    From Tiana

  2. hi anna,
    I love the 100 wc, my favourite part was when you discribed what kind of ant antony was when you said “with the heart of a lion” it was realy good!
    next time try and use more dialogue.


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