The Attic-100WC

My daughter was reading, my other younger daughter was colouring in and my wife was cooking when I heard a strange sound from the attic. It was a squelching noise. A sound, which makes the back of your hair stand up. Controlling my goosebumps I grabbed my headlight and headed towards the ladder to the attic. Once I opened the hatch I could smell a waft of stinky cheese and rotten eggs with sweaty feet mixed together. It was disgusting. I climbed a few stairs when something dripped on my head. I looked up, slime was dripping through the roof.

One thought on “The Attic-100WC

  1. Anna,
    you have created a piece with amazing mood here. The way you have chosen to describe the surroundings by making us aware of touch (through the slime dripping), sound (squelching) and smell is very powerful. These senses are not often described, but are extremely evocative for the reader. I also like the way you start with something very normal before startling us with the weirdness that follows.
    Great work!

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