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Hair Malfunction-100WC

I was excited to see Stacy. Last week she told she was going to get her hair dyed blonde and i was oozing with anticipation. She was at the back of the oval. I ran over. As soon as she saw me she gave me a wide berth. I finally managed to get her to talk to me. She was crying not crocodile tears the real thingĀ and told me everything. Instead getting her hair blonde it was orange. I collapsed in laughter but I felt sorry for her so within the week I got my hair dyed orange too.

Taco Bell-100WC

I was fat and bored of the same food. Pizza, Ā oily french fries and hamburgers. I wanted to explore the food world and luckily a few blocks down there was a Taco Bell restaurant. Not exactly the best quality but a different type of fatty food. I tried jogging down the street for exercise but five paces forward I thought I was going to have a heart attack. I asked them for their best quality food. It was 2 minutes after they served me but i just couldn’t eat anything so disgusting and salty. I ll try to eat healthy tomorrow.

The Attic-100WC

My daughter was reading, my other younger daughter was colouring in and my wife was cooking when I heard a strange sound from the attic. It was a squelching noise. A sound, which makes the back of your hair stand up. Controlling my goosebumps I grabbed my headlight and headed towards the ladder to the attic. Once I opened the hatch I could smell a waft of stinky cheese and rotten eggs with sweaty feet mixed together. It was disgusting. I climbed a few stairs when something dripped on my head. I looked up, slime was dripping through the roof.

In need of water- 100WC

Antony was a brave warrior. With a hart of a lion and a body of an ant. One day there was an incident with the worker ants. They managed to loose control of the water. In deserts like this it was deadly. Warriors were sent out to find water. Antony volunteered. He was ready for any challenge. As he marched along side 2 other ants in the heat they started to get weary. The 2 other ants died. Antony found water but he already knew he was going to die. So as he touched the water he passed away confidently.

Romans in the wall-100WC

It all started in a shallow sea millions of years ago. Enormous heat and pressure turned loose mud into solid grey rock. Forces of nature revealed me in a Northumbria hillside. Then 2000 years ago the Romans chiselled me out. I was placed on a cart and transported to a stone mason’s hut. The stone mason carved me into a representation of the ghosts of Roman soldiers. My sight was a warning for all the pits (Scots) to keep away. Placed in the centre of Hadrian’s wall there I stood showing a message to all who daredĀ  to enter England.

My Dolly -100WC

My dolly is the most beautiful dolly ever. Her name is Jenny. Jenny is made of hard plastic but that doesn’t mean she has a hard heart. Jenny is a sweet dolly. Last month she donated 100 dollars to the Anna foundation, gave her hazelnut brown dog a groom and helped her sister, Penny, in dollography. I am worried I will lose Jenny.Ā  We have been all around the world together. Last year we travelled to Japan. Me and Jenny ate sushi on the bullet train .We have lots of pictures on my very own cameraĀ together. I love my Dolly.