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Fashion Waste- BTN

In the old days when clothes fell apart they would just sew them back up again without throwing them out.

Australia is the 2nd biggest consumer of fabric per person.

Every Australian buys as much as 27kg of clothes a year.


Is there a law about throwing to much clothes away?

Is there a place were some not so damaged clothing is made into something else?


Not every Australian could afford 27kg of clothes a year like, homeless people

Kids Wellbeing-BTN

Perfesionals survied over 5,000 students.

1 in 6 is bullied at schools.

80% of children feel postive about their future


Wouldn’t people who are bullied at school would want to stay home?

Would the 80%change if it was secondary school?

Does the count for the the whole of Aussie or just a specific state.

Pluto a Planet again?- BTN

Pluto was a planet then was renamed as a dwarf planet.

A group of scientists are planning to call Pluto a planet again.

Pluto is smaller than our moon.

Why should 119 other dwarf planets and moons have to be renamed too?

If Luna ( our moon) is a moon the why change it?

What would be the effects of making Pluto and 119 other dwarf planets and moons planets.

BTN homework

Ann Doha’s family spent 5 days at sea on a ship.

A German ship rescued the refuges.

They were welcomed into Australia and was given a sack full of clothes from the nuns.


Why did the pirates try to drop the boy over the ship then let him go back on the ship?

Why were they treated so nice?


How did the dad know what to do if the captain spoke German?