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My Holiday

On my holiday I took a 9 hour flight to Japan, to go snowboarding , on a Jet star Bowing 787.Once we had arrived ,at 1:00 in the morning,we rushed to receive a bullet train ticket to Nagano.

Once we had arrived we found a hotel were we could sleep. Dad had booked a nice looking hotel but really it was the draftiest and dampest room i had ever slept in. Plus it was -1 and my bed was next to the window.

In the morning we had a surprisingly delicious breakfast. After we packed up and left again. This time we took a 1 hour bus drive to Hakuba [ our final destination]. Still exhausted from the flight I fell asleep for the whole journey.

We arrived at the ski information center. Dad called another ski bus to take us to our snow lodge. The first thing we did when we arrived was having a snow ball fight. After my parents unpacked the stuff from our own little mini bus me and Eleanor picked the icicles off the roof. Then we took the first look of the inside of the chalet it beautiful.

The next day we all went to the snow shop to gear up with our helmets, snow goggles, jackets, snowboard boots, snowboard ect.

Then After we went for our first snowboard in Hakuba. I got run over by another snowboarded

Day 2. A regain my confident of  grinding.

Day 3. Went down a black piste and had sushi for dinner

Day 4. Got 1st in a race and tried skiing.

Day 5. Flowed my dad through narrow trees off piste in lots powder.

Day 5 was the highlight of my holiday.

I would love to visit Hakuba again.

That was my holiday.

Internet Safer Day

On 07/02/17,

We had Safer Internet Day. We had an online meeting with a employee of this website-

The main goal on this lesson was to learn how to keep your personal info personal[that’s why it’s personal].

As well as learning to be nice to other people online. So if you are going to write a hate on this post think twice or i shall report you ;].

In conclusion i loved this Session. remember to be safe and kind online!!

Reflection on coding

On the 5th of December 2016 MPPS did a 2 hour lesson on coding. Underneath is my reflection on this lesson.



What do you want to learn about?

I would like to learn how to make my own virtual character and I would also like to know more about brackets.

What confuses you?

I get confused when I do the brackets inside brackets because I always lose myself in where I am.

Suggestions for next time.

Maybe next time we can get into groups and try to make a short movie or our own program. It can help us with putting yourself in the robot’s perspective.