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Federation =Speech

Ladies and gentlemen,

It has come to mind that the 6 states of Australia are being threatened by other countries names of Japan and China. As you may already know the Chinese live in Australia already. China and Japan are consoling in great numbers and one day might over through us. So it is up to you. If we come together, make peace and build armies. We will have a chance

SRC Speech

Hello,  my name is Anna. I am a final year student at Moonee Ponds Primary School. I have been here for almost a year. And through my experiences in different schools I have picked up some ideas on the way. I am taking this opportunity to tell you some the ideas. Or is that cheating?

The thing  I like here are the friendly people, the learning atmosphere, the playground [ because in Scotland we had to have recess and lunch on stairs and concrete] and the independence and initiative that we are taught here. This is a very free-flowing school as in ,calling the teachers by their first name, having a flexible timetable and when you think everything is out of order it is all going to plan.

This next paragraph is about what the school should try/improve on.

We should try to organize more charity events including back sales, raffles plays and talent shows.

As well as having a enterprise team that comes up with new small business ideas.

In addition to that a nativity every Christmas.

We should also try to arrange after school sport clubs.

It has been a pleasure sharing my ideas. Thank you for reading/listening.