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HSD Diaster

In the third period I was doing band. It was a normal school day. Until the band hall phone started ringing. My band teacher answered the phone and I saw his jolly smile turn into a frightened look. He slowly put the phone down and  went to lock the door. Then he told all children to go underneath the tables against the wall and stay silent. We had absolutely no idea what was happening.

10 minutes later we heard  distant gun shots outside of the school and shouting. I couldn’t hear what they were shouting. 5 minutes after that  they were in the building and we could hear them up the stairs and we were the only room at the top of the stairs. My teacher made sure everyone was under a table. The guy kicked the door down and my teacher was in the open. He asked him where we were. All of our musical instruments were still lying on the floor. He told him that we had gone to another classroom for band but he knew he was lying. He shot him in the torso 2 times. I started crying in fear but Rebecca my best friend was behind me and covered my mouth. He left he room and minutes later he was captured by the police.  I knew nothing more but for sure I was scared for life.

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